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Welcome to Classic Games!

Thanks for visiting. This site is dedicated to my version of a few classic games. I wrote them as applets, little programs that are run by your browser so there is no download or installation necessary. Just click on one of the game icons to the right and start playing right now.   

Minesweeper is presently in the testing phase. I'd appreciate anyone willing to give it a try. We need more players, so feel free to link your friends to it. After you play it if you notice anything that can be improved, please email me.

Note to Prospective Employers

Game programs provide a good opportunity to demonstrate my design and problem-solving abilities in software development. They complete, in many ways, my technical resume.

I have provided the source code to most of my games on this site for your review. Please use the password I gave you for access to the code. If you don't have it, contact me and I'll be glad to email it to you.